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Book Review - CLR Via C# Third Edition

calendar_today 12 September 2010 08:14

C# General Book Review

I've had a review copy of Jeffrey Richter's CLR via C#, Third Edition for some months, and it has taken until now to get round to publishing my thoughts on the book. It's not my fault. I blame the book. It made me forget why I was given a copy in the first place. Let me explain...

WebMatrix - Database Helpers for IN Clauses

calendar_today 11 September 2010 09:35

Extension Method ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor

There are times when you want to query a database for records matching a range of values, but you do not know what those values are, or even how many there are at design time. You could dynamically build your WHERE clause with multiple ORs, or you can use the SQL IN clause - except that the current database helpers in WebMatrix don't make this easy. It's about time that was fixed....