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A Degradable jQuery AJAX Email Form for ASP.NET MVC

calendar_today 29 May 2009 15:58


Pretty much every web site on the Internet features a form for users to provide feedback via email to site owners. This site is no different. Migrating to ASP.NET MVC requires a slightly different approach to that used by Web Forms development, so this article looks at one way to implement a web site contact form using the MVC framework and jQuery that degrades nicely. AJAX functionality is said to be "degradable" if a way is provided for the process to work, even though users don't have Javascript available to them.

ASP.NET MVC Partial Views and Strongly Typed Custom ViewModels

calendar_today 11 May 2009 07:06

ASP.NET MVC Entity Framework

I'm in the process of rewriting using the ASP.NET MVC framework. It's an interesting experience, in that this is my first exposure to MVC. The first stumbling block I encountered was how to pass data in a satisfactory way to Partial Views which only represent part of the data that is to be displayed in the View. Since I struggled to find clear guidance on this, I thought I would share a way to do it.

Many ways to communicate with your database using jQuery AJAX and ASP.NET

calendar_today 04 May 2009 18:39

AJAX ASP.NET 3.5 jQuery

I've recently done a series of articles that feature calling databases via AJAX using jQuery. In pretty much all of the articles, I have used Web Services as my data access mechanism. Judging from the comments that some of the articles have attracted, this has caused a little confusion. But Web Services is just one mechanism. Page Methods and simple ASPX files are two more. And finally, as pointed out by a commenter, Benny Halperin, ASHX files are yet another option. In this article, I shall review each of these approaches.