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Validation In Razor Web Pages 2

calendar_today 14 June 2012 12:47

jQuery ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor

The new release of ASP.NET Web Pages - version 2 - doesn't include many obvious changes, but the most significant one is an enhanced Validation system. A couple of new classes have been introduced, and Web Pages validation now works with the MVC Unobtrusive jQuery validation library. This article explores the new validation system and sees what it brings to the party.

Using Knockout With Razor Web Pages In WebMatrix 2

calendar_today 09 June 2012 11:40

jQuery ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor

Knockout is an increasingly popular JavaScript UI library. Its popularity is likely to increase among ASP.NET developers soon as it comes as part of some of the new MVC 4 site templates. This article looks at what Knockout is, what problems it is intended it solve and how to use it in an ASP.NET Razor Web Pages site built in WebMatrix.

Efficiently Displaying Hierarchical Data With The jQuery Accordion In Razor Web Pages

calendar_today 03 June 2012 10:30

jQuery ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor

A frequent requirement is to display data hierarchically, such as products by category. This article shows how to use LINQ to Objects and the jQuery Accordion to display the result of a database query in such a fashion within Razor Web Pages.