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The Difference Between @Helpers and @Functions In WebMatrix

calendar_today 20 March 2011 09:42

ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor

This is another post which was inspired by a recent question in the ASP.NET forums, when someone asked what the difference is between @functions and @helpers in ASP.NET Web Pages. Here, I look at both of these contructs and explain what they are, how they are different, and how each should be used appropriately.

Data Access Choices For WebMatrix

calendar_today 05 March 2011 22:46

ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix

When WebMatrix was originally launched, it spurred a lot of activity from people who do not like seeing raw SQL statements in code files, or who perceived a problem working with dynamic objects. Some of these people threw their hands up in horror and tweeted or blogged their displeasure, while others felt the urge to do something about the "problem" as they saw it, and a number of open source data access projects have resulted. I've had a quick look at three projects to see what they might bring to the party.