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Inline Razor Syntax Overview

calendar_today 30 July 2010 15:27

ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor

With the launch of WebMatrix, and the announcement of the new Razor View Engine for the next version of ASP.NET MVC, here's a quick guide to Razor syntax.

Adding And Editing Data In ASP.NET Web Pages

calendar_today 25 July 2010 09:52

ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix

In the first of my WebMatrix articles, I mentioned that entering data via the database design forms is a bit of a pain. I also promised to look at editing data via a web page at some stage. This article keeps that promise, and looks at adding data too.

Extending ASP.NET Web Pages - Create Your Own Helpers

calendar_today 18 July 2010 21:37

ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix

The Beta1 version of WebMatrix comes with a number of Web Pages helpers to make your life simple. These include helpers to work with file uploading, images, email, caching, grids, Twitter feeds and a lot more. I suspect that as the product evolves towards full release, more will be added. Nevertheless, the developers of WebMatrix and Web Pages cannot anticipate every requirement, so there will be a time when you feel you need something extra. Adding your own helpers is quite easy, as this article shows.

Web Pages - Efficient Paging Without The WebGrid

calendar_today 17 July 2010 10:48

ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix

If you want to display your data over a number of pages using WebMatrix Beta1, you have two options. One is to use the built-in paging support that comes with the WebGrid helper. But that means that your data will be displayed within an HTML table. If that is not your preferred layout choice, you need to write your own paging code. Let's look at how you can do that.

Finding Yesterday in SQL and C#

calendar_today 12 July 2010 21:27


Here's something that comes up often in forums - How To Find Yesterday in SQL or C#. Piece of cake, if you know how, but tricky if you don't. And especially tricky to get the right value if you are not clear on the requirement.

Save And Retrieve Files From a Sql Server CE Database with WebMatrix

calendar_today 09 July 2010 20:28

ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor

A perennial choice that web developers have to make is whether to store uploaded files to the file system or a database. Each method has its pros and cons, and the debate over which approach is best continues to rage. This article will not add to the noise. It will simply demonstrate how to upload files to the Sql Server CE database which is the default option in Web Pages, and how to retrieve them for users again.

WebMatrix - Consistent Look And Feel With Razor

calendar_today 07 July 2010 22:04

ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor

Most web development frameworks provide features that assist with creating a consistent look and feel across pages, or make provision for managing reusable partial content, such as headers and footers. The Web Pages framework is no exception. This article examines the core features offered by its Razor view engine for handling templated layouts and common blocks of content.

WebMatrix - A First Application

calendar_today 06 July 2010 21:35

ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix

This article will take a first look at WebMatrix - Microsoft's new IDE for developing Web Pages applications. In it, I will cover a number of the core features that will make Web Matrix the ideal starter's web development framework as I create a very simple application.

Introducing WebMatrix - An Easier Way To Do ASP.NET

calendar_today 06 July 2010 20:51

ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix

There has been a spate of announcements recently from Scott Guthrie, the main Microsoft man responsible for ASP.NET over the last week or so - the launch of IIS Express, a new version of SQL Server Compact Edition (CE) that can be run in medium trust environments, and a new View Engine and syntax called Razor. Each of these announcements have generated a lot of reaction, and they are each significant in themselves. They all make ASP.NET easier for existing developers. However, if you put them all together, and throw in a new framework and IDE, they make ASP.NET much, much easier for new developers coming to ASP.NET for the first time. So that's what Microsoft have gone and done. And today, they have announced the first Beta version of WebMatrix - a head-on competitor to WAMP stacks.