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Including Static Resources In Razor Class Libraries In ASP.NET Core

calendar_today 17 October 2018 13:32

ASP.NET Core Razor Pages

Razor Class libraries (RCLs) were introduced in ASP.NET Core 2.1 as a way to package and distribute UI components to be referenced and consumed within a host application. You can see them as a fully functioning part of a web application packaged as a class libray. The templated management pages for ASP.NET Identity were included as a Razor Class Library in the project template in 2.1. The Identity UI RCL includes the Razor pages, Filters, a stub EmailService class that Identity uses, and local versions of both Bootstrap 3 and 4.

Adding Sorting To Paging In ASP.NET Core Razor Pages

calendar_today 10 October 2018 08:35

ASP.NET Core Razor Pages

This article builds on the simple paging functionality that was added to a Razor Pages application in my last article by showing how to add sorting functionality so that the user can determine the order in which results are displayed.

Simple Paging In ASP.NET Core Razor Pages

calendar_today 03 October 2018 07:49

ASP.NET Core Razor Pages

This article attempts to demonstrate how to implement simple paging functionality in a Razor Pages application. I will explain the basics behind paging, and then use BootStrap 4 to render a variety of paging links, without resorting to Nuget packages for link generation.