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A more efficient RSS feed with C#

calendar_today 06 June 2007 23:15

C# ASP.NET 2.0

The contents of an RSS feed only change when items that appear in it are added or amended, so the feed created in the previous article (Create an RSS Feed In ASP.NET 2.0 C#) is rather inefficient, in that the output is generated everytime the feed is requested. Here's an improvement.

Getting the identity of the most recently added record

calendar_today 05 June 2007 22:13

SQL SQL Server Express MS Access ADO.NET

The built-in functions @@Identity and Scope_Identity() are designed to retrieve the most recently added record's autoincrement identity value from Access and Sql Server respectively. Here are some usage examples.

Saving a user's CheckBoxList selection and re-populating the CheckBoxList from saved data

calendar_today 03 June 2007 22:56


The user has gone to the trouble of selecting a list of checkboxes to indicate their choices. Now you need to re-present their selections so that they can edit them. How do you make sure the correct checkboxes are ticked?