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Iterating through CheckBoxList To Insert Records

calendar_today 03 April 2007 20:52


Having inserted a record, you want to retrieve the newly created record's ID number, then iterate over a collection of items, such as a CheckBoxList to insert additional information relating to the record.

Insert Single Value With Stored Procedure ASP.NET C#

calendar_today 03 April 2007 14:16


Code for calling stored procedure in the Code-Behind to insert a single value from a text box.

How can I use ASP.NET to do the following

calendar_today 01 April 2007 16:10


A list of common things that people want to be able to use ASP.NET for on the client-side.

Saved Parameter Queries with MS Access and ASP

calendar_today 31 March 2007 21:19

Classic ASP VBScript MS Access

Protecting your application against SQL injection and easier debugging are just two of the benefits of using saved parameter queries in MS Access.

ADOX, MS Access and ASP

calendar_today 31 March 2007 19:55

Classic ASP VBScript MS Access

You don't need MS Access installed on your computer to create a database file for your ASP web site. Using ADOX and some data definition language allows you to produce an mdb file programmatically.

Paging long articles in Classic ASP

calendar_today 31 March 2007 17:46


Long articles are better broken into bite-sized chunks over several pages. With static HTML, this is easily achieved by dividing the article into logical separations and creating separate .htm files for each. Here's how to do it using ASP for an article that gets posted to a database.